Thursday, May 3, 2012

common sense

"kaum wanita senang masuk neraka kerana mulutnya, kaum laki laki pula kerana matanya"

"Barang siapa yang tidak menyibukkan diri dalam kebaikan, nescaya ia akan di sibukkan dalam keburukkan"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Malaysia, Happy Labour's Day!

After a very long hiatus and a one or two hesitation on deciding whether or not to blog again, I've decided to write on something on this blog after visited it a few times in this year. Yes, I miss blogging :)

So why bother blogging on this 1st of May? Labour's Day?

No specific reason. I'm merely a Part 1 student, not working YET and not going to Uni as well today. Decided to only chill at home and get some work done.

So in celebrating the Labour's Day today, let's talk something on jobs or career.

I woke up this morning and checked my Facebook emails, and found something that you have probably heard it often in your daily lives but find it quite interesting for today's topic :)

"Do not take it as a work, take it as something you love doing it daily"

" I believe in luck, and the way I looked things up is that the more you do your work, the more luck you'll get"

It doesn't have to be too many, only these two catches my eye. and YES you can relate your work or job or career or something you do your entire lives as 'something you love doing it daily'. I reckon, it has got to do with at least you like doing it, at least. Then I secretly asked myself, "Do you love doing research?" and in a second I heard "Yes, I do".

"May you have all the luck in the world" Oh I would love to have that and I wish you can have it too. but nothing in this life is free not even luck, so I guess by working my ass off,  I could probably get some luck in my hand. then I asked myself again "Have you been working your ass off?" "No, but I will try harder".

So why bother working?


why bother fussing around about your job! Quit then!

Ask yourself again. why do we live in this world? mencari RedhaNya. mencari RedhaNya doesn't always related to performing Solat and fasting. Working also as part of Ibadah.

That is when choosing the right career for you is crucial.

So tell me, I'm curious; what is your ultimate dream job would be?

ps April was awesome. April has bid us farewell.