Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan

I'm a HUGE fan of Malay Movies. Believe it or not. As a Malay and also a Malaysian I think I can relate to some of the Malay Movies out there. C'mon, the scenes occured  mostly in Malaysia, the culture, the way-of-life and of course the jokes that I think you cannot find elsewhere. Cut it short, try living in Overseas for 2 years and tell me to my face that You Don't Miss Malaysia! ;P

Yesterday, I did something that I've never done before. I went to Alamanda alone to watch Lagenda Budak Setan. After work around 5pm I drove to Alamanda, gambling and praying that at least I get a seat. As I reached Alamanda, I went straight away queue-ing, hoping to catch the 8pm slot. Then they went red and selling fast and I feel like crying. But at the counter, when I asked for Lagenda Budak Setan, they said, "Akak, you're watching it alone?We still have the 5.30pm slot and we think you might make it ". So I did watched Lagenda Budak Setan at 5.30pm and I don't miss a thing. It wasn't that bad after all, watching it alone.

Nah, I'm not gonna tell you guys the whole story, go watch it yourself. Personally, I think it worth every penny. Now all I need to do is try to find the novel and have a glimpse of it. The movie probably not as good as the original novel itself but...if you're a malay movies junkie like me, you might just love it. I might go for a second round, anyone?

Oh! the best part of the movie I think is the OST. They repeatedly playing the song during the movie, many times, and I swear to God I can hear the whole cinema was crying when they played it. Oh, here it goes, enjoy~

It was raining cats and dogs yesterday, I think probably God knows what's in my heart aye? ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A bird may love a fish Signior, but where would they live?

I know it's gonna be a bad day today when I woke up with a terrible headache that I can't seem to shake, and I know for sure it's gonna be a bad day today when I arrived at the office and checked my emails.


Then I remembered talking to a friend yesterday about something like this...


There's this man, a good man,  a man of low profile who normally does things in silence and does not care much about others, very new in the industry, very innocent-looking, down to earth and things like that - I hope you get the picture. And yeh the other point is he's not from the city, he's not a city-boy. He's a Kampung-boy. A very proud one.

He applied for a job at this one company, huge one in KL and he got it. He was happy. Very. He wants nothing else but to work hard and change his life and his family. He has a goal in his life and I think he knows where he's going.

Long story short, at work he met someone. A girl, a very sweet girl. A girl with confidence. easy going and pleasant to be around her. Almost everyone loves her. Almost. But she's a city girl who loves to party every night. She goes clubbing and dancing all around. Oh! She loves to dance. Oh well, she's a city girl, what do you expect.

In a short time, they connect. They connect very well indeed. Seemed that they have a lot of chemistry going on. They can talk about almost everything. They laugh their lungs out. telling silly jokes all the time. watching each other's back and yeh! 'mereka senang bersama'.

Judging from the girl's background, now he knows why she's partying out there and looking for 'the soul'. But he listens, he listens carefully and never judge. Many times, the girl said that she wanted to find 'Hidayah' and live a calmer life, he smiles when he heard that from her. He knows deep down inside she's normal and she is as good as anyone else.

Six months later, he got a call from home. Outta blue he needed to quit the job because his family needed him to go home. She talked about pros and cons of leaving the job, about what's gonna happen to the future and about things he'll be missing out when he quits the job. but eventually he did.

A week after, he realised that he misses that place and suddenly something warm falling down his cheeks. At that time he knows he likes that girl, the girl he won't be able to see for a very long time.

They still keep in touch thru emails asking how's it going and things like that. He was happy. very happy. they've met once or twice and catching things up.

Yeh. He likes this girl. No question asked.

One day, he received an email from that girl telling him that she's now happy with someone else. someone she thinks she's comfortable with. He did not reply to her email. He did not know what to say.

After a week or two, he decided to meet up with her.

Him: How's it going?

Her: I'm happy.

Him: Oh! Congrats

Her: Thankie.

At home, he wonders what if he told her about his feelings but then he remembered a saying "A bird may love a fish, but where would they live?" but no harm of trying aye?

later that girl texted him saying that " that man I choose reminded me so much of you"


Pathetic isn't it? I don't have a clue why I even bother writing this down...

Hye! wish you all the best in life ;)