Sunday, December 27, 2009

And All The Things I Deserve For Being Such A Good Girl, Honey

Don't get me wrong,
This might sounds to you a bit odd.

How many of you have watched Nur Kasih raise your hands? How many of you have watched Nur Kasih for the second time? How many of you have bought the VCD? How many of you think that Nur Kasih is a really good Malay Drama to watch?

Nur, a simple countryside girl who has fallen for Adam. Adam grew up in the same village as Nur but lived and studied in overseas specifically in Sydney, Australia. Living his life as a Muslim in Australia is not a simple thing. He did not perform what Allah asked him to do. He is lost. Somehow they get married. Despite the fact that it's an arrangement marriage by their parents, Nur loves Adam, deeply. She knows deep down Adam can change, for a better person.

In every girls' dream, we wish to find that certain someone we can called 'The One'. Some may called it "Prince Charming', doesn't matter if he's the real royalty or his name is 'Raja'. Someone you wanna share your whole life with, who loves you just the way you are. It is understandable when one says "Perempuan baik hanya untuk lelaki yang baik dan sebaliknya". In that case, was Nur once a bad person?

People do change - for better or worse. We just need to give the chance. I always reckon that the best lesson in life is thru experiences. Have you heard, Don't judge the book by its cover? People nowadays easily judge people thru their appearances, not their hearts. I know it is advisable to find someone, to find 'the one' that can lead you, and bimbing you dari semua segi but dearest people, can we all give those guys, those 'Adam' a second chance to find their 'Hidayah' too? We just need to have a little faith in them, don't we? ;)

Nobody's perfect and everyone makes mistake, can we all just give in and give ourself a break too?
Seriously, where have all the positive people gone?

Because of you, I'm running out of reasons to cry...  

Do you hated Adam in the first place and finds him a bit charming towards the end of the story?

Or maybe, these things happen dalam 'cerita' sahaja, not reality!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm lost and I want to be found


For those of you yang been wondering where am I, I am really am sorry because I've been very busy lately and I still wanna update my life so here I am blogging.

For those of you yang still luf me and care for me and wanted to keep in touch or has anything important to tell me, you know where to find me aye?

Dear readers, you know that you can count on me rite? you know that I always wanna keep in touch n wanna be there for you no matter what aye?
then you know where to find me.

Dear readers, I can tell that you still care because you're still checking my blog and reading this ;)
and please do not be worried over things cause I am very happy rite now
can't stop smiling ;)
I'm just been very busy with life and I'm sorry bout that.
Will update soon.
Oh! Hepi Awal Muharram everyone, may we all become one step better from we already been.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We miss you, AA

Malaysia misses you, AA~
please come back ASAP!
let's go shopping and get girl-y together

Hepi Birthday Sayang~
Auntie misses you
Sorry for the late birthday wish, auntie a bit busy lately

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's So Hard

I love to read ;) esp I love reading stuff from Becca Woolf. She writes so beautifully from the heart. She writes mostly on stuff like 'breaking up' - she's good at it. maybe that's why I love reading her stuff. mainly because I love reading sad stories and stuff like that. most people will go for horror stories or love stories but I prefer sad stories because I believe not all can feel sad. It's 3am in the morning and I'm sharing with you my most-ever favourite poem from Becca Woolf ever since I was fourteen. Enjoy ;)

It is called... It's So Hard~

It's so hard to say 'I love you' and not draw back in tears,
It's so hard to know that you're not there to help me face my fears,
It's so hard to know the phone's at reach, but I cannot hear your voice,
It's so hard to know that this time breaking up was not my choice,
It's so hard to see you laughing when I'm crying deep inside,
It's so hard to just find feelings and now have to make them hide,
It's so hard to live without you, when I need you more than words,
To want to scream how much I love you but hold back and not be heard,
It's so hard to go to sleep at night when I cannot dream of you,
It's so hard to think that you might fall in love with someone new,
It's so hard to not start crying when I hear your favourite song,
It's so hard to sit and wonder, where did I go wrong?
It's so hard to live without you, if I only would have known,
I will never love another, I would rather be alone.

Becca Woolf

As much as It's so hard to write it down - all together, I just hope that you guys know that It wasn't easy aye?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Not bad at all...

for a starter ;)

First off I'd like to thank you Allah for...everything ;)

I really wanna share with all of you my dear readers, but I'm pretty sure not now, not at the mo'.

Had a lil early celebration for Xmas and New Year this morning and oh! it's true when one says

Everything you want is always outside your comfort zone ;)

Ah! let just sing Manic Monday by Bangles lalalalalala~

Just another manic Monday ;)

How are you guys btw?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

If you're hungry and you know it clap your hands...

*clap clap*

Ok! I'm off to a wedding.

Yummy food ;)

2 jenis manusia di muka bumi ini...

1. lelaki
2. Perempuan

that's pretty obvious.

tapi dalam banyak banyak hal, ada 2 jenis kawan dalam dunia ini.

1. good friends
2. best friends.

good friends will know when you're sad, mereka akan let it be. will look at you from far away. tapi bila kau mahu keluar tgk dunia, they will let you, they will b with you tp sekadar tgk sahaja tak berani tanya. let you b, let you b, let you b. itu good friends.

best friends pula they will def know when you're sad, hy tgk mata. dorang at first will let you b, tp lama lama mrk akan maki kau, marah kau, benci tgk keadaan kau. kau akan diam sbb tahu dan paham tp lama lama mrk akan let you b, let you b, let you b until one day you will come crawling back at them without worries sbb kau tahu mrk akan terima with open arms.

ada beza kan dua manusia dalam dunia ini? bezanya good friends adalah good friends semata mata they will let you b tak semestinya kenal kau luar dalam, bukan buat buat macam dia kenal kau dia phm kau or trying to be.beza dengan best friends yang sudah kenal kau luar dalam.simple.tolak lah kawan yang makan kawan dan musuh sejati. itu def will not care about you at all.

tp ada tak chances are, there are people out there yang kenal kau, paham kau, tahu kau - an old friend maybe?

Don't tell me you know my darkest secret, you pretend, you know me at all.

This is a story about Love...

(500) days of Summer ;)
A story about how boy meets girl. mind you, not a love story.
but a story bout love.

I kinda like stories/movies like this one. a story bout ones journey. straightforward yet outside the box.
A story bout life.
Ah! suka sangat!

He's a dork. he's an artist, architect to be exact but working in a card-making-company. he draws, he listens, he explains things, he's TRYING to understand, he's in love with Summer.
on the other hand, Summer, a girl's next door. afraid to fall in love with her own best friend but ends up...

wait a minute, not gonna tell you the whole story!

watch for yourself and do listen to all the songs!
oh! if you like this kinda story, you might wanna watch My Sister's Keeper

What are we? who are we?

Next time you look back, I think you should look again ;)

You were right about everything - fate, love, soulmate except for one- ME! 
Autumn maybe?
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Pada suatu hari seorang perempuan berkata "I don't really have many Girl-friends" but I'm not saying I have too many kawan lelaki.

Normally besides kawan sekolah, I met my girls in unexpected ways.

Contohnya Aku berkawan rapat dengan kau (lelaki), semua hal hal kau aku tahu, dah nama pon kawan rapat, sampai awek kau pon aku tahu. suatu hari kau introduce awek kau dekat aku.

Then we became friends. good friends.

tgk movies bersama. shopping bersama. tambahan pulak sama taste dalam pakaian/tas tgn/kasut/bahan bacaan.

girl-y habislah. seronok sangat. macam adik berdik, macam kawan baik.

Eventho we are once strangers, eventho I've got no idea whatsoever who you are, eventho we don't really have to become friends, eventho one day you might find someone new(nah! I know you're hepi with him) - thank you for being such a good friend and still keeping in touch, it means ALOT ;)

Akhir sekali perempuan itu cakap "Hye I normally didn't say things like this but we should meet up a lot more often after this ;)"

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Friday, December 11, 2009


And so it comes just as it is
a day no longer here
and through my trembling fingertips
the memories of the year
I wave farewell to all our dreams
I will forget you never
I wonder if our crazy times
will stay with you forever
But as I cry in pain of losing
My dear and such good friend
I will not close the book and say
"Farewell this is the end"
for good-byes create swift hellos
and days from now you'll see
that though it hurts to say good-bye
your friend I'll always be ;)

Becca Woolf.

Pada suatu malam, minggu minggu lepas pukul 4pagi pon tak tido tido lagi bincang hidup dan mati

Kawan A : you know what to do rite?

Kawan H : try harder!

Kawan A : Adeh bukan lah!

Kawan H : Yeh I know, dh pujuk dh try dh pujuk lagi dh try.

Kawan A : urm...

Kawan H : maybe kene nyanyi lagu untuk dia br ok kot.

Kawan A : cmne lah rupenya...


Thursday, December 10, 2009


Y.E.S stands for Year End Sale, YES correct. I was in the mall one fine day doing some groceries for the mum and wt* with all these people - so many. so I said to myself ah! school hols but wait a minute, Year End Sale! - yeh you got me rite, on weekdays?! *blergh*

So have you been to the mall lately? what did you buy? show and tell, show and tell! what's in store lately? Is it fun? is it worth the hassle? you bet!

Nah I just did some groceries for the mum and bought pop corn for myself ;)

Well if you wanna know, Serunding is also having a Y.E.S. Yes I'm still selling Makcik Serunding, her Serunding and please do not tell Makcik Serunding I did a Y.E.S for her Serunding. thehehe ;) because it just sounds FUN and selling her Serunding feels like fun just like when you've already have your permanent job in somewhere else and you thought to yourself Hey! i wanna do sth really fun like urm selling Serunding but in my case, I haven't got my permanent job just yet ;)

Well the idea came from the fact that it's already 1month and so I've been selling her Serunding and also after the Review of Makcik Bangi on Serunding Ayam.

After the Review on Serunding Ayam, jualan/ permintaan untuk Serunding Ayam meningkat sangat and I reckon it's not fair for Serunding Daging and also Serunding Ikan.

So I'm having a lil promo on the smallest pack 150g for all Serundings - Ikan, Ayam and Daging.

Above are all the serundings - Ikan, Ayam and Daging weight 150g. If you sum up the total amount you'll get sth like this : RM7 (150g Daging) + RM8 (150g Ayam) + RM6 (150g Ikan) = RM 21 altogether.

But I will give you guys kesemua tiga-tiga for the price of RM 20 ONLY for all-three 150g Serunding Ikan, Ayam and Daging.  Meaning, you get to taste all three serundings (Ikan, Daging and Ayam) for the price of RM 20! not much but that's the least I can do for my Serunding Fans out there. plus you got to taste all three serundings altogether. I tell you, worth it!

I really wanna thank you all -those yang buy Serunding from me. Thank you for coming up so late-after-work to my house just to buy Serunding. thank you for giving me such idea in how to promote the serunding, thank you for supporting me doesn't matter you're buying it or not. I may not say it out loud to your face but I always pray that only Allah akan bls jasa you guys. from the bottom of my heart - Thank you!

I will not giving up selling Serunding not until Makcik Serunding asked me to ' dah dah, Makcik dah kaya dh tak payah jual lagi'.

So any takers for the Y.E.S?

Sales end : While stocks last.

So Hurry up ;)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Cyberjaya...Here I Come! ;)
Maybe two, is better than one.

It's not easy to say NO after all aye?

Thank you Allah ;)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I reckon...

Hello everyone, how are you!
Remember this entry I wrote about Corelle?

Well after that I received several emails asking for prices and also opinions. They (mostly my friends)  wanted to know which one is my fave. I reckon this one:

Know why? firstly because it's yellow I mean the flower and it's square! I love square, very much. I think it's ok for a plate to be square, but the bowl? but don't you think it's unique?

here's another pic you might wanna consider...

Mind you, the world is not always round. Some say the world is flat, some say the world is spherical - not always round ;)

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Monday, December 7, 2009

writer's block!

Dear followers (yang ada sekerat kt tepi belah kanan tuh), readers (yang macam ada-tak-ada tuh), silent readers (kalau readers pon tiada silent readers apatah lagi) and everyone,

HELP! writer's block!

What stories you want me to write down? what tales you wanna hear? Help me on this please ;)

Thanks a bunch ;) love ya xoxo

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hye there,
I've been wanting to post this very entry.
and I'm so sorry for the delay.

I'd like to dedicate this very entry to Manys and Her Husband and also all the Bangi-ans and of course my sweet readers ;)
Manys' wedding.
Nov 09.
enjoy the pics.
Congrats my dear ;)

I luf weddings. I always have. I love the bit part of the wedding where you look at the two person's in love getting married looking at each other only God noes what they're thinking and you instantly know they're happy inside out when they're holding hands and smile to the world.

of course minus all the negativeness a wedding could have - ah! you know what they are.

I also believe that in fairy tales wedding is a happy ending but in real world wedding is a happy beginning.

vain. I know.

It's actually my fave quote when signing a wedding card. And a person used to tell me " Hai, penatlah kalau cmtuh, semua nk cerita takde ending ending ".

I also like the part where people always say " Semoga bahagia hingga ke anak cucu ". 

It does sounds right ;)

Only God noes when, someday. InsyaAllah ;)

what is your fave part of the wedding, btw?

Ah! of course getting married to the ones you loved ;)

I always believe each phases in life has its own 2 sides of every story. which one is yours only you can decide ;)

Oh! please don't get me started on marriage hihi ;p Dua benda yang on the same line but berbeza ant satu sama lain (I guess)

In the end, yang penting sekali ialah there's gotta be somebody's getting married ;p

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Betul ke kalau menangis banyak banyak lama lama jadi Kassim Selamat?

Ibu Mertuaku.Cerita ini tengok sepuluh kali pon nak menangis sepuluh kali juga.


Hendak ku nangis
Tiada berair mata
Hendak ku senyum
Tiada siapa nak teman
Kalaulah nasib
Sudah tersurat
Begini hebat
Apa nak buat

Di mana kan ku cari ganti
Serupa dengan mu
Tak sanggup ku berpisah
Dan berhati patah, hidup gelisah

Alangkah pedih rasa hati
Selama kau pergi
Tinggalku sendirian
Tiada berteman dalam kesepian

Dunia terang menjadi gelita
Cahaya indah tiada bergema
Keluhan hatiku membawa derita
Kini kau jua tak kunjung jelma

Di mana kan ku cari ganti
Mungkinkah di syurga
Untuk kawan berduka
Menangis bersama, selama-lamanya

HYE World! Don't be sad, smile a bit, It's weekend aye? Have A Nice Weekend to You and You and You ;)

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Perempuan Itu...

Indah. Sungguh Indah.


Kecantikkan seorang wanita itu terletak sejauh mana ia dapat menahan (menjaga) malunya, sementara kegagahan seorang lelaki ialah terletak sejauh mana ia dapat menahan (menjaga) marahnya.

PS I'm not saying to jual mahal or sebaliknya I'm just saying Wanita itu Indah dari semua segi and am so proud to be wanita ;)

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Waking Up

TIME PASSES. EVEN WHEN IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE. EVEN when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. Even for me ;)

Protected Entry 2

Sorry I need to write this down...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009