Saturday, December 25, 2010

Soul Vacation

Not Really. This time it wasn't really a soul vacation, it's only a vacation, you know, where you travel to somewhere for a short period of time, just to see new environment and trying new things, just to sit and relax and enjoying your stay.

I'll be leaving for Japan on the 26th of December 2010 till 4th of January 2011, for a holiday.

It's Winter! wish me luck! Happy holiday and Happy 2011 in advanced, everyone!

2011 has three hundred and sixty five opportunities to make someone's day! :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

i miss you

blame the weather :(

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Someone requested me to blog on someone. Sweet.
definitely will blog on someone in the future, one fine day.

All I know is someone is a good person at heart :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A conversation between two friends..

Goes something like this...

Friend A: Pergi lah kerja dkt Terengganu tuh..

Friend B: Xmau! Xmau! Xmau! you nak, you pergi lah..

Friend A:  Eh! I plak, my house is here, my husband is here, kenapa plak I kene pergi Terengganu.. Pergi j lah..

Friend B: Sbb..sbb..sbb.. :(

Ya Allah, gimme Petunjuk dan Hidayah-Mu please.
I do love travelling but not to be away from you. NOoooo! :P

ps Friend A is my mom :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Love is hard. We're not going to quit and let it go just like that aren't we? I bet it is part of the learning process.

" Maafkanlah bila ku selalu, membuat mu marah dan benci padaku, ku lakukan itu semua, hanya untuk buatmu bahagia, mungkin ku cuma tak bisa fahami, bagaimana cara tunjukkan maksudku, aku cuma ingin jadi terbaik untukmu"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

L, you will be missed..

Been wanting to write this yesterday *trembling*

Yesterday, 15th of December 2010, Wednesday was the day, my last day at work at L. *sobs*

I first came to L, in 2007, before furthering studies in Perth. Even though it was for a short period of tyme, I've learn that money do not grow on trees, you have to earn it, but therefore, if you've already earn it doesn't mean that you'll need to spend it, keep it some, for future. I was blessed for having that opportunity working there.

Then, this year, I came to L for the second time, not knowing what to expect. All I know that L has a project similar to my studies and I could give and take something for that.

At first I was a bit blur with the project itself, and what I've been taught in Perth, doesn't match at all, with what they all practice here in L. and of course I was mad and disappointed. but I wish that the project will be succeed eventually. All they need to do is believe in what they do and make it happen.

I don't hate L. not at all. some may think I do hate L, but honestly I don't. Yeh! of course it was a bitter sweet journey there. I have my ups and downs there. but I don't hate L. not at all.

My mom said that if I haven't been working there, I might not have met the person's in charge of the project and will not be able to finish up my thesis. and I think she's right. Thank you L, for helping me for that.

I've met so many wonderful people along the way. and experienced so many happy and sad moments together. and I hope it doesn't stop here, keep in touch and all the best.

I seriously don't know what the future holds for everyone else but everything happens for a reason.

Yeh! started to miss L already. L! you will be missed. thank and sorry for everything.

When you least expect something, you've got more than that. for me, I've got more than just working there. :)

OK! now I need a new job, career to be exact. thank you very much. Rezeki Allah ada di mana mana insyaAllah, pray for me guys.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Alhamdulillah! I am officially a Masters student. The results are out today and I am so happy. Thank you Allah, family, supervisor, lecturers and friends who has/have/had supported me throughout my journey. No need to mention names because hye! I think you know who you are. Love you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Indeed it was a bitter sweet journey.

Yey! let's go celebrate and yeh! happy holiday to everyone! :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I work part time as an enumerator and one of the question I have to ask goes something like this, in your everyday's life, do you and your husband talked about your everyday's life, your worries and his worries, your happiness and his happiness?

And each time everyone answered yes to all above, a tiny feeling appeared and I guess it was jealousy.

Yes, one fine day I hope to share my everyday's life with that special someone, my worries, his worries, my happiness and his happiness, and yes I won't get bored with your stories, and I hope you won't get bored too with mine.

oh! one fine day, InsyaAllah :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

All In

All In. Has anyone ever heard or watched this Korean Drama? I just finished watching it. Yippi Yey! :)

Someone asked me to watch it. I was hesitate at first because I don't like the girl in the drama. I don't like her in Autumn in My Heart and I think she is such a baby but in All In, she isn't that bad at all. 

All in has 20 episodes all together and the first 10 episode moves very slow. At one point I could not bear to watch it because it is too slow and I wondered why he likes it so much. So I asked him why does he likes it so much and after he told me why so I figured he has a point so I keep continue watching it. 

All In adalah istilah yang digunakan oleh penjudi penjudi di luar sana bila mana penjudi ingin pertaruhkan kesemuanya, All In akan berlaku. In this case, penjudi bukan sahaja pertaruhkan kesemuanya, all in, tapi juga mempertaruhkan kehidupannya dan orang orang yang tersayang. 

that is where the story begins. Life has no meaning when all you do is running away from mafias and police. until  he met someone and changes everything.

In the end, in life, all you need is to build your dream, your house that will become a home for both of you - together. in the end, when everything doesn't matter, all you need to do is to love that special someone, all in (sepenuhnya).

The End. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On Shopping

You know when it's the end of the year, everything is on sale and  you have a list of things you want to buy throughout the whole year and none of your list is ever ticked off (OK! maybe one or two) but yeh! you still have a whole list to go and today you decided to tick one of it off, just because.

So, my dad is an economist. one thing I've learn from him is that if you have money, spend it. He always says that "duit boleh di cari" InsyaAllah. and I do believe every words of that, I know it's a matter of now and then, time.

and I also learn that if you lack of money, you either look for it or stop the spending. you look for it meaning you do part time jobs, you take over-time, or you do businesses to earn the extra money. Well one thing I know that money, do not grow on trees.

I do believe that money can't buy happiness. but for today's concern, it does makes me one happy girl. Thank you Allah for the rezeki, You've given me, Alhamdulillah :)

maybe a year or two I will have different perspectives on money and how to spend it. God knows when I have my own family things will change on how I spend my money but for the time being, I just want to be me, the worst shopaholic in the whole wide world :P

Happy New Year to all Muslims :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Natrah 2

Went to IB (Istana Budaya) last night to watch Natrah Musim ke-2 with Atie and Daddy. It was freaking awesome. Dad was hesitate at first to go with us and tot he might fell asleep during the show but he ended up liking it as much as we all do. He did not sleep at all during the show and I can tell he's happy because he was smiling all the way by the time he enters IB. Plus we've got the best seats in the world to watch Natrah and Maya Karin is so gorgeous. Thanks Atie and Dad for teman-ing me, glad you guys had a wonderful night watching it. It has been a dream come true watching it at IB. thanks again :)

Natrah. Siapa tak kenal dengan Natrah? Jiwanya yang penuh rahsia. I was first introduced to Natrah by mom. Mom told me about her tragic stories on how Natrah was adopted by the Malay named Aminah who taught her Islam and when how her real family wanted to take her back. I cried when I heard about it. I never knew justice can be real unfair sometimes. 

I did not get the chance to watch it last year, perhaps I was still in Australia at that time. but I managed to watch it at RTM and after watching it I was hoping that someday I will get to see it too. I also wish that perhaps one day it will be a film on Natrah itself. 

Me and officemates went to Arkib Negara somewhere this year to do some research on our project when I came across Natrah's book and ended up finding a corner to sit and read it whilst everyone's doing their job. The book basically a collection of letters Natrah wrote to her husband (Mansor) and Mansor wrote back to Natrah. Oh! how I wish to go back to Arkib Negara and re-read it again :)

To those who hasn't get the chance to watch Natrah, the show will be extended to 7th of December 2010. and to those who has watch it, I bet you all love it as much as I do.

IB has the coolest people in the whole wide world, till we meet again :)

Natrah: Cinta, perjuangan dan air mata.