Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013

It's never too late to wish everyone of you A very Happy New Year! New Year is just like any other day, I woke up this morning with the usual feelings and the same expectation; I just want to be happy. But the New Year's spirit is there, the feeling of wanting to be better and to do good things and to try new adventures. Bidding 2012 wasn't easy. All i can say is that, it was a good ending and a good beginning :)

2012: When a boy meets a girl. We talked. and it was epic. but then the sun came up and reality set in. Well, this is reality, right here.

Ps Pray for us guys, TQ :)

y o u k n o w w h o y o u a r e :)

kenapa kita tidak bangga dan senyum melihat kebahagian kawan kawan
sambil berdoa agar diberikan kebahagian dan keindahan dalam kehidupan
bukannya cemburu yang tak berhabisan
atau minta dia ditimpa kecelakaan

cukup2lah dunia saling bergaduhan
mengapa antara kita tidak senyum dan berpelukan?

Selamat tahun baru 2013 ♥

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